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Frequently Asked Questions

01 I am not very photogenic. Can you help me?

We all have pictures of ourselves that we like and others that we would rather forget about. Believe it or not, but nobody is born photogenic. The way we look in a given photo is not a reflection of our “true” appearance. This is why our appearance can substantially change from one picture to the next.

It is important to remember that photography is not a representation of reality. It is in fact a representation of light. Rather than recording a person as they “really” are, a photograph captures the way in which light reflects on a person at a certain time under specific conditions. Good lighting, then, is the key to good photography, which is why I always take into consideration what the lighting conditions will be at the particular time and place of every photo shoot. 

My favorite time of day to take pictures is called the golden hour, which occurs just after sunrise or right before sunset. Daylight at this time, when the sun is low in the sky, is soft, even, and less intense. As a result, there are no sharp shadows to deal with. Of course, this is not the only time of day to take good pictures. Good lighting may be had at various times. Regardless of the time and location of your photo shoot, you can rest assured that I will capture you in the best light possible. 

Lighting plays a crucial role in high-quality photography, yes, but there are other factors that determine the quality of pictures, as well, namely color-coordinated clothing and proper posing. Indeed, you will want to wear an outfit that is color-coordinated and that also complements the natural colors of the location of the photo shoot. Of course, we will discuss all of this beforehand so that you can plan accordingly, and I will be happy to provide you with some tips and make certain suggestions. Also, on the day of the shoot I will show you how to carry yourself in front of the camera in order to ensure that your poses are natural, relaxed, and above all elegant. 

02 What should I wear to the photo shoot?

This is a very important issue that we will discuss before your photo shoot. In a nutshell, whether you prefer casual or formal wear, it is essential that you color coordinate your outfit and make sure that it goes nicely with whatever colors may be in the background. We can specify what the best attire will be once we have decided on a location for the photo shoot. 

03 How long will it take to receive my pictures?

You can expect to get the final package of photos within 7-10 days of the photo shoot.

04 If there is inclement weather on the day of my photo shoot, can I re-schedule?

Absolutely! I will make every effort to accommodate your schedule and find an alternative day and time that is most convenient for you.

05 Do you do photo shoots outside of Prague?

I am a Prague photographer, but I am also more than happy to accompany you to another location if you so desire. While Prague offers a multitude of beautiful spots for taking pictures, there are plenty of other charming locations that can be found throughout the Czech Republic. Let me know of a particular place that you have in mind and we can plan a photo shoot accordingly. Please bear in mind that the rates for photo shoots out of Prague may vary, depending on the location. 

06 Will my photos be published on social media or 3rd-party websites?

Thank you for asking! I want to make it absolutely clear that under no circumstances will I violate your privacy and post photos of you without your express consent. I will always ask for your permission to publish photos of you and / or your loved ones. 

07 Do you recommend indoor or outdoor photo shoots?

There are advantages to both. On the one hand, Prague has a number of locations that provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor photography. In fact, there are so many that it is hard to choose just one!


On the other hand, you might feel more at ease during the photo shoot if we do it in the comfort of your own home. Do you think your apartment or house is not exactly photogenic? Let me show you that it can be! The light coming through the windows can make photographs look lovely. Or a lighted lamp in the background may liven up the atmosphere. Even an ordinary sofa or chair can look extraordinary in a good photo.

Photography in a home environment is something that babies and children as well as adults will appreciate. You don't have to leave your home and worry about whether you have taken everything you need. If you are at home, you will have everything you need within reach. Moreover, children tend to be less shy and more cooperative when they are in a familiar place. And last but not least: you will not have to worry about bad weather!


Whether you choose to have your photo shoot indoors or outdoors, I will pay attention to every little detail, and make sure the images capture your unique personality and charm as beautifully as possible. I will find the perfect moment to immortalize the mood and emotion of the moment, ensuring that the photos we shoot together will always put a smile on your face whenever you look at them.

08 What photographic style is right for me?

This is precisely what we will discuss and find out during your free pre-shoot consultation. I have conducted photo sessions in Prague for a variety of clients, all of whom had unique preferences. If you wish to optimize your social media presence, a set of vibrant lifestyle photos would do the trick. Need to enhance your CV or LinkedIn profile? Elegant business portraits would be your best bet. Would you like to capture special moments with your loved ones? A splendid family photograph would be the way to go. Or do you simply want to celebrate your individuality and bring out your photogenic best? If so, then a series of stylish portraits is what you need. Contact me today and let's discuss what is right for you! 

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