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One of the keys to success, whether it is in business or in photography, is versatility. In addition to personal portraits, family photographs, and lifestyle pictures, I also include business and / or company photos in my repertoire.


It goes without saying that you and your company want to make an excellent first impression on your potential clients. What better way to make that happen than by hiring a skilled, professional photographer to present your team in the best possible light? Whether you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or a member of a corporate team, having a diverse portfolio of high-quality photos of you, your colleagues, and your business partners will redound to your benefit in a number of ways. 

For one thing, company photographs are an extremely cost-effective means by which you can interface with your current and prospective customers.


Indeed, besides making your team look smart and professional on the company website, original, corporate images may be repurposed and included in print and digital ads, press releases, materials for marketing and PR campaigns, and social media posts. 

Elegant headshots and group portraits are a mainstay of corporate photography, and they do serve a vital function. They put a friendly face on a company and display an elegance that is meant to indicate both conscientiousness and professionalism. Having said that, I also believe that imagery depicting staff interaction plays an especially important role in attracting new clients. Static portraits show how your team looks, but I want to bring out the dynamism of your team, capturing them in action and showing how they work

The photos that we create together will do much more than make your colleagues look good. Indeed, they will effectively show your potential clients that you possess both the values and the soft skills necessary for success. I will see to it that your photos vividly represent a team that is dedicated to the task at hand, focused on achieving particular goals, enthusiastic about customer service, and fully engaged with each other in a vibrant work environment. 

Having first-rate pictures of your staff looking their best and doing what they do best will help you immediately build trust with your prospective clients by enabling them to clearly visualize who you are, what you are about, and how you go about your business. Making an eye-catching, memorable first impression on your future customers is the best way to bring them one step closer to you. 

“Won’t stock photos do the trick just as well?” you might be tempted to ask. Years ago they might have, but people nowadays are simply too tech-savvy not to see the difference between a stock photograph and an authentic one. Regularly investing in a set of high-quality pictures of your staff will speak volumes not only about the professionalism of your company, but about its reliability and trustworthiness, as well. After all, a company that invests in itself is one that will also invest in its customers. 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of inviting a professional photographer to provide you with an array of top-notch pictures of your team at work is that it is an effective way to demonstrate that people are what lie at the heart of your brand, giving it both value and a unique identity. It is important, I believe, for any business to publicly acknowledge that it is only as good as its human resources are. For it is they who not only act as the genuine representatives of the company, but who also provide it with the ideas, solutions, and overall resilience to overcome challenges and continue progressing year after year as both a corporate and social enterprise. 

With that in mind, my principal goal at every photo shoot is to create memorable images of real people engaged in real work. Such imagery will humanize your brand, provide it with a certain authenticity, and assure your clients that yours is a company that values people who are enthusiastically dedicated to serving others in mutually beneficial relationships.

Before our scheduled photo shoot we will have an in-depth discussion regarding your team’s needs and goals. In order to achieve those aims my service provides a number of guarantees meant to ensure that our cooperation is smooth, professional, courteous, and mutually enjoyable. 

Firstly, I use only professional-grade cameras, accessories, and photo editing software. Secondly, I provide informed guidance on what your team should wear and how they may coordinate their outfits in such a way that optimizes the aesthetic value of each image. Thirdly, I provide detailed instruction on posing so that your team’s demeanor appears natural and full of poise. This will maximize the emotional impact of the photos and gracefully show your company’s values and talents being put into practice. Finally, I will deliver a carefully curated portfolio of pictures to you in a convenient format and timely manner. 

Photography is my business, yes, and it is also my passion. It is an activity that should be enjoyable for all involved every step of the way. Accordingly, I will make every effort to make your photo shoot fun, memorable, and something that you will look forward to doing again! 

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Elegant young male wearing a pink shirt and blue jacket, posing for a picture in Mala Strana in Prague at Martina Bromkova Photography
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