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The Best Locations For
Outdoor Photo Shoots In Prague 

The following places, all of which are conveniently accessible by public transport, are far and away the most enchancting spots for photo shoots in Prague. Each location provides in its own way the perfect backdrop for the creation of high-quality images. In the 25 years that I have spent living and working as a Prague photographer, I have yet to find other locations better suited for outdoor photography than the ones named and described below. 

Vojan Gardens

One of the oldest parks in Prague, Vojan Gardens is also one of the most enchanting places in the center of the city. Although it ranks among the smaller parks, you will be delighted by the many rows of rhododendrons and magnolias planted throughout the garden, especially during spring when they are in full bloom. Taking photos in Vojan Gardens is also advantageous due to the fact that it is rarely crowded and thus offers unobstructed views coupled with a serene atmosphere. 


Stromovka Park, formerly known as the Royal Nature Reserve, is located near the Exhibition Center in Holešovice. An oasis of calm in the middle of Prague, Stromovka is my personal favorite location precisely because it invites you to take pictures. Stromovka contains gorgeous scenery and its various lakes, water fountains, and wooden footbridges provide the perfect setting for outdoor photo shoots and family portraits

Průhonice Park

Included on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, Průhonice is one of the most important parks in the Czech Republic. With a total area of 250 hectares, the park is most beautiful in spring, when a diverse and variegated array of plants and flowers are in bloom. During summer, Průhonice provides a refreshing escape from the heat. And during winter, when the flora is covered in snow and the waterfalls are frozen, the park becomes an icy wonderland.

Havlíček Gardens

Inspired by the Italian Renaissance, Havlíček Gardens are located in Vinohrady, a charming, residential area in the center of the city. This lovely green space, also known as Grebovka, offers countless places for high-quality photo shoots, including a fountain with a water cascade, a pond, Gröbe's villa, sculptures, and a charming grotto. Over 120 species of deciduous and coniferous trees grow in the park, so even on hot days there is plenty of shade!

New World

If someone blindfolded you and led you to New World, you would hardly know you were still in Prague. A picturesque corner with winding streets and small residential houses, it is located near the Castle but not in the midst of the main centers of tourism. Many people are unaware that in the middle of Prague there is a small town tucked away with its own poetry and identity. Adjacent to Prague Castle, New World is actually a former suburb of Hradčany, and was established in the middle of the 14th century. This magical part of Prague offers a multitude of photogenic locations, especially for lifestyle photography.

Wallenstein Garden

Wallenstein Garden is simply beautiful. Here you will find a plethora of spots that lend themselves well to fine photography. There are colorful trees, tall hedges, Baroque statues, clean benches, winding stairs and balustrades, as well as an ornamental pond and several fountains. Due to the fact that it is located in the heart of Prague, Wallenstein Garden tends to be a very popular place for tourists. So, it is advisable to plan the photo shoot so that we are among the first visitors in the garden in the morning.

The Charles Bridge

Any Prague photographer worth their salt will know every inch of the Charles Bridge by heart. It is one of the most visited places in Prague and provides an unforgettable experience for the thousands of tourists who pass over it every day. The only time of day when you can take beautiful photos with no one in the background is early in the morning, preferably at dawn. If you are an early riser who is keen to have a set of extraordinary portraits, then the Charles Bridge is the best spot in town bar none. 

Old Town

Old Town is a relatively large location that contains a variety of exquisite, romantic and mysterious milieux in the historical center of Prague. There are arcades, stone walls of churches, glass windows of luxury shops, cobblestone streets, and scenic gardens. The most beautiful shots can be taken here early in the morning, when the city is quiet and practically deserted.

The Waterfront

The Vltava River, which flows through the city center, also provides a number of places where you can take high-quality photos. In addition to the scintillating surface of the river, beautiful white swans, famous monuments, and impressive landmarks can also be used as a backdrop. It is possible to take photos on the embankment at virtually any time of day.

Ladronka Park

Ladronka Park can be found in the peaceful, residential neighborhood of Břevnov. Originally, there were vineyards here, but today it is one of the largest parks in Prague, designed mainly for sport and recreation. The many different paths winding through the park and the extensive greenery create a serene yet vibrant atmosphere. My favorite time here is at sunset, when the entire park is immersed in a beautiful, magical light.



Hvězda is not only a forest and nature reserve, it is above all a national and cultural treasure. At the end of the 18th century, the forest cover was restored thanks to the many oaks, beeches, and hornbeams that were planted here. You can see the oldest oaks and beeches in the reserve even today. It is possible to take photos at any time of day in Hvězda, including when the sun is at its peak, as there are plenty of shady places which contain adequate light for photography.


Florentinum is a commercial complex in the heart of Prague, near Masaryk Railway Station. In the inner courtyard, which connects Na Poříčí and Na Florenci streets, there is a wondeful public space called Desfours Garden. This modern garden serves as a rest and relaxation zone for those who work in Florentinum, and it is also open to the public. On the lawn there are beautifully designed seats, and in the middle of the garden you can find a charming pond. This location is excellent for all photographic styles, but it is especially suitable for business photography. If we go here on the weekend, you can be sure that we will have the place all to ourselves.

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