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Much like individual portraits, family pictures can be traced back to the very beginning of photography itself, which is a testament to the age-old importance of kinship. No sooner had we developed the means to create vivid, realistic images of the world around us than we established the tradition of memorializing and celebrating our families with photographic portraits. Whereas formal business photos and lifestyle pictures accentuate the individual, family portraits put the spotlight on the bonds we have with our loved ones.


There are many reasons why we have carried on this tradition, not least of which is the universal desire to share and to represent what we value most in life. Indeed, our families mean the world to us, and we all look for ways to express how grateful we are to have them and to call them our own. A fine family photo visualizes the love and care that we provide for those nearest and dearest to us, and it also serves to remind us of what truly and persistently matters during the course of our lives. At the same time, these portraits also enable us to show the happiest part of our private lives to others and to share it with them in a way that is tasteful, respectful, and unobtrusive.

Above all, the custom of having family pictures taken on a regular basis helps to instill in our children a deep and abiding appreciation of kinship. Photo shoots can and ought to be fun and memorable, enabling you to bond with your loved ones as you enjoy a pleasant outing together in Europe’s most magical city, Prague. In all likelihood, your children will then want to replicate those unforgettable experiences when they have families of their own.


As Martina Bromkova Photography I am dedicated to producing and delivering a set of pictures of you and your loved ones that you may display with pride at home and at your workplace. I will also be happy to help you select the right framing. High-quality photography is an art. Accordingly, the images that we create together will bear an aesthetic value and thereby lend themselves to serving a decorative purpose. Your family is beautiful, and any representation of you and your loved ones should be so, as well.


Besides making for lovely home and office décor, family pictures also provide a number of psychological and emotional benefits. The art of photography derives much of its value from its power to transcend time and space, allowing us to be in the presence of those who are not physically near us and evoking in us a happy remembrance of things past. As a result, the photos that we value most may contribute to the prevention of loneliness. Indeed, a cherished picture reminds us that the joyful experiences of our past are still with us and the loved ones whom we shared those good times with are always by our side.


Moreover, by reminding us of the one, true source of our fulfillment and happiness, family photos brighten our mood when we are feeling down and alleviate stress when the world is bearing down on us (as it sometimes does). Perhaps their greatest benefit is the positive effect that they have on the self-esteem of our children, serving to remind our sons and daughters that they matter and that their presence in our lives is important to us.


It goes without saying that you want to work with a professional photographer in Prague whose work product is a cut above the rest. Just as you will do whatever it takes to provide the best for your loved ones, so I will see to it that you and your family are shown in the best possible light.


Prior to the photo shoot I will recommend the type of attire that is most suitable for the style of pictures that you want, and during the shoot itself I will help you find the right way to pose and interact with each other in order to optimize the aesthetic and emotional impact of the images. If you have little ones, I will create an environment for them that is fun, relaxes their demeanor, and brings out a side of them that is playful and thoroughly natural. Some of my clients wish to include grandparents in their portraits. If you do, as well, you can rest assured that I will capture the grace and elegance that befit the most senior members of any family.


In the days that follow our session, which I would recommend take place at one of the many picturesque locations found right here in Prague, you will receive a carefully curated package of high-quality photographs made with artistry and attention to detail, which you can then proudly frame and showcase for all to see.

Family Portfolio
Young mother sitting on a rock with her son and daughter, posing for a picture in Pruhonice Park near Prague at Martina Bromkova Photography
Mother and daughter holding fall foliage for a picture in Pruhonice Park near Prague at Martina Bromkova Photography
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