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Welcome to my website! I'm Martina, the person behind the lens, focusing on you.

I have been doing photography basically my entire life. My passion for photography goes all the way back to my childhood. My grandfather introduced me to the world of photochemical blueprinting, also known as Cyanotype. Cyanotype is the historically oldest photographic technique, and it sparked my fascination and interest in photography. Gradually, I worked my way towards developing photos from films in a dark room, and I continued this practice until today's digital age.

My focus is portrait photography and lifestyle photography. You probably know all about portrait photography. And lifestyle photography is a genre of photography that aims to capture people in real-life, everyday situations, and to express their unique personality. Lifestyle photography has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Lifestyle is a window into how we look, what we do, what we enjoy doing and how we present ourselves to others.

Lifestyle photography belongs in a place where classic portrait photography ends and reportage photography begins. It is a "staged moment", capturing the moment as authentically as possible. Simply put, lifestyle photography captures a person or a group of people in their natural environment, while they go about their day-to-day activities. Of course, the photos should be as flattering as possible. The important thing is that the photo tells a story, reveals the personality and emotions of people.

And here is what matters to me the most while taking the final photo. Emotions. The emotion of the moment, frozen in time, preserving a memory that you can always return to. Capturing all this is far from easy. It takes a certain amount of empathy as well as ability to connect to a person or a group of people. That is why I try to create a trusting environment while taking my photos.

And what are the benefits of working with a professional photographer?

You may be wondering if it is even necessary to hire a photographer when current technology, especially when it comes to mobile phone cameras, allows everyone to take high-resolution pictures nowadays.


Having asked myself the same question, I have come to the conclusion that hiring an experienced photographer is truly the way to go.


To begin, becoming an adept photographer is not a simple process. I dare say that professional photography is not easy at all. In order to be able to take high-quality pictures, one must first acquire an in-depth technical knowledge of photography. But learning how to operate a camera is not enough. It is also essential to have a good eye and possess an artistic disposition. Understanding how to work with light, being able to find the right place, and knowing when to press the trigger at the right moment are all vital skills that are not easily acquired.


Moreover, a professional photographer is also a bit of a psychologist. They will empathize with you, listen carefully to your needs, and ensure that your expectations are fully met. Most people do not have experience with photography and therefore need a certain amount of guidance. A skilled photographer will teach you how to stand, move, and pose, bringing out your photogenic best.


Above all, a skilled photographer will always make use of equipment that is far more sophisticated than any cameras typically found in mobile devices tend to be. By using the right lens and proper filter, professionals create portraits that become in effect beautiful works of art, something which a smartphone can never achieve. Yes, a picture taken on your phone will initially look good on the small display, but if you want to have quality photos worth enlarging and framing, a smartphone will unfortunately never be adequate.


Showcasing an excellent family portrait or lifestyle photo at home or at work in a well-made frame is priceless. High-quality photos also make for great gifts. Giving extraordinary photos to friends, family, and loved ones is a wonderful way to create lasting memories. So, put your phone away for a few hours, and hire a photographer to give you the look that you were born to have!

If you like my photography style, feel free to contact me and tell me what you are interested in. 



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