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I am Martina, the person behind the camera, focusing on you!

I have been doing photography my entire life. My passion for it goes all the way back to my childhood. My grandfather introduced me to the world of photochemical blueprinting, also known as Cyanotype, which is the oldest photographic technique, and it sparked my fascination and interest in the visual arts. Later on, I honed my skills with film cameras, specializing in black-and-white portrait photography. After spending countless hours in dark rooms, I finally made the transition to working with digital cameras, which I have been doing for well over a decade now. 

What I Will Do For You

At Martina Bromkova Photography, I am committed to giving you the look you were born to have. We are all unique, and we all shine on in our own special way. My principal goal and policy is to provide each of my clients with a first-rate service that is universally affordable, fulfills every expectation, and creates an environment that is friendly, relaxed, and welcoming to one and all.


In order to ensure that you are thoroughly satisfied with the images that we will create together, I use only professional equipment that is second to none when it comes to quality. I have acquired a diverse set of cameras, lenses and accessories that enable me to produce high-quality pictures in a variety of locations and conditions. I have also developed a repertoire of skills that guarantee that every photo shoot is carried out with the utmost professionalism, timeliness, attention to detail, and customer care.


You can rest assured that I will create and deliver a set of pictures that you can be proud of both now and in years to come. In order to do so, I will see to it that you are captured on camera in the best light, resulting in the creation of portraits that will last a lifetime and bring a smile to your face every time you look at them.


It goes without saying, of course, that excellent imagery requires more than just favorable light. In order to bring out your photogenic best, I will teach you how to be comfortable in front of a camera, how to carry yourself in a natural way, how to pose, and how to display the grace which is both unique to you and universally appealing, as well. As a result, your demeanor will complement your natural beauty, allowing you to exude confidence, elegance, and poise.


In addition to providing you with extraordinary photographs, I also want to ensure that every photo shoot is thoroughly enjoyable. Creating beauty ought to be fun! I look forward to forging a lasting memory with you and to providing an experience that is designed to enable you to identify, explore, and bring out a side of you that is truly and authentically yours.  

Professional Photographer Near Me


Portrait of a young woman taken by Martina Bromkova in a park in Prague
Lifestyle photograph of a young woman dressed in a teal jacket, taken by Martina Bromkova in Wallenstein Garden in Prague
lifestyle portrait.jpg


If you are looking for a professional photographer in Prague who possesses the know-how and experience to provide exceptional portraits of you (or your loved ones), you have definitely come to the right place!


I have done photo shoots over the last decade in a multitude of settings with people from all walks of life. Whatever your age, gender, personality, background, and appearance happen to be, I will find and capture the elegance and charm that is uniquely yours.


A high-quality portrait will remind you of just how lovely and elegant you really are. My camera does not lie. While your appearance may change over time and in different environments, the value of the art of portraiture is precisely in the fact that it locates, identifies, and captures the beauty that is always there.


Indeed, it is that persistent, singular, and timeless beauty that I aim to reveal in every photo shoot. Of course, the revelation of such beauty can never be forced. Accordingly, I will show you how you can reveal your inherent grace to the camera in your own natural way.


The splendor of good portraiture offers benefits whose value goes beyond the purely aesthetic. A beautiful image of yourself is something that you can happily share with friends, family, and loved ones. This act of sharing yourself with others will strengthen interpersonal bonds and bring you and those special to you closer together.


A lovely portrait actually transcends space and time, enabling us to see a loved one who is not physically present and to experience joy from the remembrance of things past. An enchanting picture is even something that you may pass from one generation to the next, granting yourself a bit of immortality.


Having splendid photos may also redound to your benefit professionally. I often work with clients whose goal is to create formal portraits that may be used for business-oriented websites, CVs, advertisements, and employment-oriented platforms, such as LinkedIn.


Your family is an invaluable part of your life. They offer love and support. They lift you up when you are feeling down, and they put a smile on your face when you least expect it. Naturally, you want what is best for those who are nearest and dearest to you. What better way to express gratitude and pride in your family than by capturing both their beauty and the joy of your relationship in a delightful photograph?


Family portraiture is as old as photography itself, and it is one of the primary ways in which we represent and introduce ourselves and our loved ones to the world. Needless to say, top-notch photos taken by a professional in a well-managed setting are far more valuable, pleasing, and long-lasting than run-of-the-mill smartphone snapshots. Contact me today, and I will be happy to do a photo session with your family in whatever location you prefer, either indoors or outdoors.


I look forward to providing you with a set of pictures that will make you and your family the talk of the town! I have extensive experience of working with couples, children, and extended families. No matter the size of your entourage, I will do whatever is necessary to bring out their photogenic best. If you wish to have an outdoor photo shoot, I can recommend a variety of places right here in Prague that will enhance the quality not only of the pictures, but of the entire experience, as well.


As a professional photographer, I find it especially gratifying to capture the ebullience of little ones, the devotion that couples show to one another, and the deep love and care that parents give to their children. I take pride in being able to deliver beautiful images of smiling families that display radiance and exuberance in natural, elegant poses. Having such pictures is rewarding both now and in the long run. In later years those images will evoke feelings of joy as you recall the wonders of childhood and the happy memories that you and your loved ones cherish most. 


Every one of us has our own individual interests, goals, desires, habits, standards, and passions, all of which taken together form the basis of our unique style of life. Lifestyle photos capture more than outward attractiveness. They effectively reveal and vividly accentuate the dynamism in our personality, demeanor, attitude, and way of living.


Lifestyle photography is exciting precisely because it exceeds traditional portraiture. It is a more comprehensive depiction of a person, capturing not only their physical beauty, but their values, dreams, and talents, as well. Some people lead athletic lives. Others prefer practical activities, such as gardening or building. And others partake in the arts, such as dance, music, painting, or drama.


I often work with clients who wish to be photographed doing the things that they love or simply appearing in ways that reveal their true identities. Are you into fashion? Let’s dress you up in an array of outfits and capture the side of you that revels in glamour! Are sports your thing? Let’s create a series of images that portray your athleticism and grace! Whatever activities or hobbies comprise your style of life, I will see to it that the joy that you derive from doing them is elegantly shot.


Of course, lifestyle is not only about activities.  For some, it has more to do with a particular mood, a set of beliefs, or a specific attitude. Before your photo shoot, we will discuss your unique point of view, how you see the world and your place in it, and what you would like to be revealed about your lifestyle during the session. Working together, we will ensure that your self-fashioned way of life is clearly, accurately, and gracefully portrayed.    


There is really no better way to enhance the visual presence of your company than to team up with a professional photographer to produce a portfolio of high-quality pictures of your staff looking sharp and doing what they do best in your place of business. The advantages of having and displaying such imagery are numerous.


For one thing, it will strengthen your brand by demonstrating to your clients that you value professionalism, which will in turn build trust and inspire confidence in your products and services. Moreover, high-quality photos will enable you to generate greater brand awareness. They may be readily repurposed and put to good use in PR, advertising, and marketing campaigns, not to mention on your website.


Professional-grade images will also allow you to increase the overall visibility of your company and thereby provide you with a competitive advantage in your particular market. Indeed, eye-catching photos will give you the opportunity to vividly differentiate yourself from your competitors and raise the likelihood that potential customers see you first.


Perhaps best of all, high-grade pictures will personalize your company by allowing prospective clients to see for themselves who you are and how you get things done. Visualizing your professional demeanor and work ethic for clients will make it much easier for them to imagine what cooperation with you will actually be like.


As a professional photographer, I am committed to capturing on film the very best of what you have to offer. Needless to say, when you look good, I look good! In order to take photographs of the highest calibre, I use only cutting-edge digital cameras, lighting equipment, and photo editing software. During your photo shoot I will demonstrate how to effectively pose, ensuring that you and your colleagues appear natural, self-assured, and positively photogenic.


I will also recommend attire that will optimize the aesthetics of every image. Besides delivering to you superior work product in a timely fashion, I will see to it that your session with me is thoroughly professional, gratifying, and something that you would love to do again!


You may be wondering if it is even necessary to hire a photographer when current technology, especially when it comes to mobile phone cameras, allows everyone to take high-resolution pictures nowadays. Having asked myself the same question, I have come to the conclusion that hiring an experienced professional is truly the way to go.


To begin, becoming an adept photographer is not a simple process. I dare say that photography is not easy at all. In order to be able to take high-quality pictures, one must first acquire an in-depth technical knowledge of the craft. But learning how to operate a camera is not enough. It is also essential to have a good eye and possess an artistic disposition. Understanding how to work with light, being able to find the right place, and knowing when to press the trigger at the right moment are vital skills that are not easily acquired.


Moreover, a professional photographer is also a bit of a psychologist. They will empathize with you, listen carefully to your needs, and ensure that your expectations are fully met. Most people do not have experience with photography and therefore need a certain amount of guidance. A skilled photographer will teach you how to stand, move, and pose, bringing out your photogenic best.


Above all, a master photographer will always make use of equipment that is far more sophisticated than any cameras typically found in mobile devices tend to be. By using the right lens and proper filter, professionals create portraits that become in effect beautiful works of art, something which a smartphone can never achieve. Yes, a picture taken on your phone will initially look good on the small display, but if you want to have quality photos worth enlarging and framing, a smartphone will unfortunately never be adequate.


Showcasing an excellent family portrait or lifestyle photo at home or at work in a well-made frame is priceless. High-quality photos also make for great gifts. Giving extraordinary photos to friends, family, and loved ones is a wonderful way to create lasting memories. So, put your phone away for a few hours, and hire a photographer to give you the look that you were born to have!



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